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lparallel-2.1.0 released

added readers kernel-name and kernel-context added restart kill-errors to workers — removes debugger popups attempting to submit a task to an ended kernel now signals an error suicidal calls to kill-tasks inside workers are now permitted

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Concurrent Hello World

Below is another example of Concurrent Hello World. The macros receive and run are just 9 lines each, given below the fold. (defpackage :example (:use :cl :node)) (in-package :example) (defun hello (hello-queue world-queue) (receive hello-queue (:say-hello (n) (cond ((plusp n) … Continue reading

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lparallel-2.0.0 released

The major version bump is for some incompatible changes, though they are unlikely to cause trouble. keyword arguments to psort besides :key have been replaced with a single :granularity argument; the old arguments are now ignored removed deprecated aliases from … Continue reading

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